Thursday, 16 July 2015

Pastel Pink with Hello Kitty

Good morning everyone!! I'm actually finding it quite difficult to decide what to do with my nails ever since I'd to cut them short. Having kept my nails shaped square for a number of years makes it difficult for me to see them otherwise. So I decided to do something simple and what better than to use some pretty decals, especially Hello Kitty :) I've applied a pastel pink polish, used a dotting tool for the yellow & hot pink dots & then applied the decals. The pink base is a local polish & is very pretty, but quite streaky as well. Even three coats couldn't solve the issue. 

Polishes Used

Sweet Nail (pastel pink polish)
Maybelline Color Show: Hooked On Pink
NYX Girls: My Sunshine
Decals: Born Pretty Store

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