Sunday, 20 December 2015

Orange & Pink

Good morning everyone!! FINALLY the weather has cooled down but the sudden drop in temperature brought me down with a bad case of cold & sore throat. I'd a string of events to attend the week before that so I decided to really glam my nails with all the bling I could lay my hands on. I sponged a pink & orange polish on my nails to create a gradient effect & topped it with a glitter topcoat to blend it further. Then I went crazy with rhinestones, studs & gold beads to create this gorgeous design. I'm SO IN LOVE with these. It's my favorite of all the manis I've done to date. Do you agree??

Polishes Used

Orange: Colorama Laranja Citrico
Pink: Maybelline: Hooked On Pink
Glitter: NYX Crystal
Rhinestones: local
Studs: local
Beads: local

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Yellow & Rhinestones

Good morning everyone!! December has already begun but except for the early hours of the day, there seems to be no sign of winter at all. Keeping up with the hot & bright sunlight outside, I did my nails in yellow this week. Yellow is quite a tricky color to work with as it may not go with all skin tones, but this shade is something different. Its a mango shade that's not too bright & looks gorgeous. I applied 3 coats & used red sequins for the pattern. For the ring finger, I used rhinestones in various colors & shapes & filled any remaining spaces with some more sequins. 

Polishes Used

Yellow: NYX My Sunshine
Sequins: Born Pretty Store
Rhinestones: local

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Green & Gold

Good morning everyone!! This is the mani I wore last week. Applied 2 coats of a dark green polish, sponged some gold glitter on the lower half of the index & pinky & used studs & rhinestones on the middle & ring fingers. So easy to do, but I love how gorgeous it looks. This mani just couldn't fail to grab attention. What do you think??

Polishes Used

Green: local brand
Gold glitter: Colorbar Rustic Chant
Studs: Born Pretty Store
Rhinestones: local

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Grey, Glitter & Rhinestones

Good morning everyone!!! I know I've given an impression that I've abandoned the blog, but that's absolutely not the case. The thing is, I was too busy preparing for & having fun during Diwali. Especially with it being our first Diwali after marriage. I'll make it a point to post regularly now onwards. Coming back to the mani, I'd no idea what to do with my nails so I just applied my favorite grey polish & decided to see what I could do with that. Then a day later, inspiration hit me hard & I came up with this. I sponged on Rimmel's Disco Ball on the lower half of my nails & dressed up the accent nail with rhinestones, pearls, blue studs & silver beads. The glitter polish is a beautiful one with loads of holographic glitter too, which I unfortunately couldn't capture. I really love how this came out. Hope you do too!!

Polishes Used

Grey: NYX Cloudy
Glitter: Rimmel Disco Ball
Pearls: Born Pretty Store
Beads, Studs & Rhinestones: local

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Stars, Glitter & Leopard Print

Good afternoon everyone!! I'm late again this time. Posting the mani I wore last week today. The weird weather that we're experiencing of late just seems to sap all my energy & leaves me feeling lazy to anything more than necessary. Anyways coming back to the mani, I wanted to do something simple & no-fuss & so came up with this. The stars seen here were plain silver ones which I painted using polish in the colors I wanted. Hope you like it :)

Polishes Used

Pink: Maybeline Colorshow Hooked On Pink
Black: Revlon Black Out
Glitter Black: Maybelline Starry Night
Silver: Maybelline Dazzling Diva
Star Studs: Born Pretty Store
Rhinestones: Local

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Pink & Yellow Roses

Good morning everyone!! I know summer has long gone by, but this week I was inspired to try something floral with roses. Now they aren't the most perfect representation of roses, but I did give it my best shot. The base yellow is one of my favorite yellows as its quite subtle & wearable for everyone. With 2 coats of it, I used a light & bright pink color for the roses, light green for the leaves & finished with white dots. It reminds me of a summery floral print dress. What do you think??

Polishes Used

Yellow: Lakme Color Crush no. 54
Bright pink: Maybelline Colorshow Hooked on Pink
Light pink: local brand
White: NYX White
Green: Avon Sweet Mint

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mint & Black

Good morning everyone!! Wasn't able to post for quite some time as I haven't been feeling too well lately. The sudden terrible heat made me fall ill twice in 10 days :( So yesterday I finally gathered my strength & decided to do my nails. This week I've have one of my favorite color combos, mint & black. On the index I applied 2 coats of mint & a silver star stud. On the middle, 2 coats of mint & one coat of a matte black & white glitter polish. On the ring, 2 coats of white & striping tape & black polish for the stripes. Finally on the pinky &thumb, I used 3 coats of a sand finish black polish. I love doing all my nails in different patterns & I think the color combo worked really well here. Hope you like it too!!

Polishes Used

Mint: Colorama Absinto
Matte glitter: Local brand
Black: Revlon Knock Out
White: NYX white
Sand black: Maybelline Colorshow Starry Nights
Studs: Born Pretty Store

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Stripes, Flowers & Glitter

Good morning everyone!! The weekend was really amazing for me as I got a chance to deliver a hundred cupcakes for an event. To complement my happy frame of mind, I decided to do my nails in a fun & happy color with my favorite elements, flowers & bling. I used my favorite green polish on the index & pinky & used striping tape & white polish for the stripes. On the middle, I used white with floral decals. For the ring, I applied a gold sand finish polish but thought it looked dull compared to the rest of the nails. So I topped it off with a chunky gold glitter polish. Hope these make you happy too :)

Polishes Used

Green: Avon Sweet Mint
White: NYX White
Gold: Maybelline All That Glitters
Gold Glitter: Colorbar Rustic Chant
Studs: Born Pretty Store
Decals: Born Pretty Store

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Denim & Studs

Good morning everyone!! Along with Hooked On Pink, I'd also picked up Denim Dash from the Maybelline Colorshow range which I decided to wear this week. I love this one!! It totally lives up to its name, more so as it dries to a matte finish. And what better to complement the color with some zippers & studs. I've applied 2 coats of Denim Dash, water decals on all nails except the ring, where I've used studs. Quite edgy I say.

Polishes Used

Blue: Maybelline Colorshow Denim Dash
Studs: Born Pretty Store
Decals: Born Pretty Store

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Pink Leopard Print & Glitter

Good morning everyone!! Pink has always been my favorite color, but I realised that I barely have any pink manis on the blog. So this week I decided to correct that. A couple months ago, I'd picked up Maybelline Color Show in Hooked On Pink & now its my favorite pink polish. For this mani, I applied 2 coats of it on my index & pinky & stuck diamond shaped glitters vertically. On the middle I applied 2 coats of a light pink color & sponged some mixed glitters on the lower half. Finally the ring & the thumb have 2 coats of silver & a neon pink polish & black acrylic paint for the leopard print. Quite a sparkly & girly mani, this. What do you think??

Polishes Used

Pink: Maybelline Hooked On Pink
Light pink: local brand
Silver: local brand
Neon pink: Colorbar Pink Lady
Black: Acrylic paint
Silver glitters: Born Pretty Store
Multicolor glitters: NYX Multi Glitter

Monday, 31 August 2015

Blue & Green with Glitter

Good morning everyone!! Wasn't able to post last week as was quite busy with multiple birthdays in the family & the start of the festive season. I applied an aqua blue polish & sponged on some green on the upper half. The glitter polish that I applied is from a local brand but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It's a clear polish with fine blue & chunky diamond shaped blue, gold, silver &white matte round glitters. The polish is quite gloopy as you can make out from the thick layers on my nails but the end result is worth it :)

Polishes Used

Blue: Avon Aqua Fantasy
Green: Avon Sweet Mint
Glitter polish: Local brand

Friday, 21 August 2015

Royal Blue with Beads & Rhinestones

Good morning everyone!! This is the mani I wore for my birthday two days ago. There was a time when it was compulsory for my outfit & nails to be matchy-matchy. I've outgrown that phase a long time ago, but I fell so in love with the colors of my birthday outfit that I decided to do my nails in the same combo. I applied 3 coats of a dark blue polish & gold decals. Finished it off with red & white rhinestones & gold beads. I really love how royal & intricate this mani turned out to be. The pics are a bit hazy as they were taken from my cellphone camera. Hope you like it :)


Polishes Used

Blue: NYX Ink
Decals: Born Pretty Store
Rhinestones & Beads

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Purple & Lavender Roses

Good morning everyone!! This week I decided to go the easy way & chose to use decals on my nails. I applied 3 coats of a glitter purple polish on my index & pinky & stuck 3 purple rhinestones. On the middle & ring finger I applied 2 coats of white & used striping tape & a lavender polish. Topped it off with water decals. Hope you liked it!!

Polishes Used

Glitter Purple: NYX Royal Purple
Lavender: Avon Luxe Lavender
White: NYX White
Decals: Born Pretty Store