Sunday, 20 December 2015

Orange & Pink

Good morning everyone!! FINALLY the weather has cooled down but the sudden drop in temperature brought me down with a bad case of cold & sore throat. I'd a string of events to attend the week before that so I decided to really glam my nails with all the bling I could lay my hands on. I sponged a pink & orange polish on my nails to create a gradient effect & topped it with a glitter topcoat to blend it further. Then I went crazy with rhinestones, studs & gold beads to create this gorgeous design. I'm SO IN LOVE with these. It's my favorite of all the manis I've done to date. Do you agree??

Polishes Used

Orange: Colorama Laranja Citrico
Pink: Maybelline: Hooked On Pink
Glitter: NYX Crystal
Rhinestones: local
Studs: local
Beads: local

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Yellow & Rhinestones

Good morning everyone!! December has already begun but except for the early hours of the day, there seems to be no sign of winter at all. Keeping up with the hot & bright sunlight outside, I did my nails in yellow this week. Yellow is quite a tricky color to work with as it may not go with all skin tones, but this shade is something different. Its a mango shade that's not too bright & looks gorgeous. I applied 3 coats & used red sequins for the pattern. For the ring finger, I used rhinestones in various colors & shapes & filled any remaining spaces with some more sequins. 

Polishes Used

Yellow: NYX My Sunshine
Sequins: Born Pretty Store
Rhinestones: local