Monday, 31 August 2015

Blue & Green with Glitter

Good morning everyone!! Wasn't able to post last week as was quite busy with multiple birthdays in the family & the start of the festive season. I applied an aqua blue polish & sponged on some green on the upper half. The glitter polish that I applied is from a local brand but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It's a clear polish with fine blue & chunky diamond shaped blue, gold, silver &white matte round glitters. The polish is quite gloopy as you can make out from the thick layers on my nails but the end result is worth it :)

Polishes Used

Blue: Avon Aqua Fantasy
Green: Avon Sweet Mint
Glitter polish: Local brand

Friday, 21 August 2015

Royal Blue with Beads & Rhinestones

Good morning everyone!! This is the mani I wore for my birthday two days ago. There was a time when it was compulsory for my outfit & nails to be matchy-matchy. I've outgrown that phase a long time ago, but I fell so in love with the colors of my birthday outfit that I decided to do my nails in the same combo. I applied 3 coats of a dark blue polish & gold decals. Finished it off with red & white rhinestones & gold beads. I really love how royal & intricate this mani turned out to be. The pics are a bit hazy as they were taken from my cellphone camera. Hope you like it :)


Polishes Used

Blue: NYX Ink
Decals: Born Pretty Store
Rhinestones & Beads

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Purple & Lavender Roses

Good morning everyone!! This week I decided to go the easy way & chose to use decals on my nails. I applied 3 coats of a glitter purple polish on my index & pinky & stuck 3 purple rhinestones. On the middle & ring finger I applied 2 coats of white & used striping tape & a lavender polish. Topped it off with water decals. Hope you liked it!!

Polishes Used

Glitter Purple: NYX Royal Purple
Lavender: Avon Luxe Lavender
White: NYX White
Decals: Born Pretty Store

Monday, 3 August 2015

Pastel Green & Blue with Rhinestones

Good morning everyone!! I've never been a fan of pastel shades until a few months ago. Maybe my advancing age is the cause of my changing preferences :) Of all the Go Graffiti shades launched by Maybelline, I really like
Green Graffiti due to the contrasting matte glitters in it. So I picked it up on our last trip to the mall even though hubby thought it to be an average shade. The index & pinky fingers have  3 coats  of Green Graffiti. Pretty shade, but I expected something more. The color is dull, maybe next time I'll try layering it over a bright green polish. On the middle finger I've used a pastel blue with rhinestones & a gold glitter polish on the ring. 


Polishes Used
Green: Maybelline Green Graffiti
Blue: Avon Nailwear Pro Aqua Fantasy
Gold: Maybelline All That Glitters