Saturday, 16 April 2016

Neon & Studs

Good morning everyone!! I don't know why, but I'm seriously attracted to neon polishes. Whenever I spot one, I just can't resist buying it. The result: I've quite a few neon polishes in my stack & I've never worn any of them, mostly because I'm scared of having my nails look tacky. This summer, however, I've decided to wear as many neons as possible, so brace yourself for that. For this week I chose my favorite neon polish of all. It's something I picked up in a local store & I love how the color resembles a highlighter (weird?) I applied two coats of white & used striping tape to create the neon band in the middle of each nail. To add some glam, I stuck a gold stud at the base. The mani looks so amazing in person & it's something that anyone can wear. You could also sub the band color with another neon or a regular bright shade that you're afraid to wear on its own. So which color are you gonna choose??

Materials Used

White: NYX White
Neon: local
Studs: Born Pretty Store
Striping Tape: Born Pretty Store