Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mint & Black

Good morning everyone!! Wasn't able to post for quite some time as I haven't been feeling too well lately. The sudden terrible heat made me fall ill twice in 10 days :( So yesterday I finally gathered my strength & decided to do my nails. This week I've have one of my favorite color combos, mint & black. On the index I applied 2 coats of mint & a silver star stud. On the middle, 2 coats of mint & one coat of a matte black & white glitter polish. On the ring, 2 coats of white & striping tape & black polish for the stripes. Finally on the pinky &thumb, I used 3 coats of a sand finish black polish. I love doing all my nails in different patterns & I think the color combo worked really well here. Hope you like it too!!

Polishes Used

Mint: Colorama Absinto
Matte glitter: Local brand
Black: Revlon Knock Out
White: NYX white
Sand black: Maybelline Colorshow Starry Nights
Studs: Born Pretty Store

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